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5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Murder Mystery Theatre

Jan. 26, 2018

Who doesn’t love a great mystery? Murder mysteries are a staple of entertainment and films like Murder on the Orient Express and Sherlock Holmes continue to keep it alive. But why watch a murder mystery when you can participate in one? The Grande Parlour theatre is set to launch a Clue Murder Mystery Theatre event this February and you should be a part of it!

Never been at a murder mystery event? Not sure what to expect? If this is your first time, here are five reasons why you’ll the upcoming murder mystery:

It’s a Genuine Mystery

It wouldn’t be much fun if the mystery was easy to solve, right? Given the nature of the game, it all starts with a narrator declaring someone died. It is now your job to aid the detectives in figuring out who was responsible. As you enjoy refreshments purchased before showtime, several actors will present their story. You and your team will have to listen for clues in order to solve the crime.

The best part is that each night will present a different mystery. Even if you attend two nights in a row, you will still have fun since each night has a different set of mysteries and clues to solve.

Team Effort

The main factor that complicates this mystery is its grand size. There will be a center stage and all the participants split into 9 rooms around it. Each room will have 3 tables with 4 seats each.

Your room assignment is as much a mystery as the dramatic tale that is unfolding. Keep your wits about you and share your investigative insight with your party and perhaps some new friends. As a matter of fact, there are many benefits in meeting strangers and making new friends. This is simply a more exciting way to do so!

With friends or strangers, you will all have to work together to piece the clues together.

Amazing Theatrical Performances

This is an immersive experience and the actors are all professionals who guarantee an entertaining night. You and your friends will also be impromptu actors as you participate in the event. It might even encourage you to take acting lessons!

You Can Be a Main Character

Ever wanted to be in a crime story? You can now. Every business sponsor for the event can opt to have themselves written into the story. This means a character based on you can get added to the story. This deepens the immersion and surprise, especially if your character turns out to be the criminal!

Clue is the Primary Inspiration

As the name suggests, this murder mystery event takes inspiration from the board game Clue! It’s one of the most fascinating board games ever made, with an extensive history and numerous versions to date.

Since it takes inspiration from the board game, you can expect a similar set of mechanics: one murder to solve, 9 rooms, six weapons, and several suspects. To solve the case, you have to figure out three answers, similar to how you would in the board game. You have to find out who committed the murder, which room they did it in, and with what weapon.

Join the Murder Mystery Theatre

What are you waiting for? There’s a murder to solve! Contact us anytime for further inquiries and reservations.

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