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The Power of Art: How Acting Can Make You Happier

May. 22, 2018

Despite what your parents might have told you while you were growing up, acting is so much more than just make-believe fun. There is so much that you can learn through the power of art that can improve your life and even make you happier.

The power of art is immense and vastly underrated. Your professional and personal life can improve in ways you can’t even imagine when you start acting.

Here are just some of the ways we experience the power of art in acting.

Improves Ability to Connect

Acting can help you to better engage with your friends and family. It helps you learn how to actively listen and get more value from your discussions.

Acting teaches you to place all of your focus on other people while you’re talking. While you’re acting, your responses to the other character won’t make sense unless you pay complete attention to what they say. This includes how they speak words, tone, and body language.

When you focus entirely on the other person in a conversation, you don’t have room for self-doubt or distracting thoughts. It makes you a great conversationalist.

Teaches You to Assert Yourself

Acting, specifically improv, teaches you to stop planning everything you are going to say and waiting for the right time to say it. It helps you let other people give you the inspiration you need in conversation, and how to be an active participant.

You won’t come up with an idea in the middle of a conversation and spend the rest of the time trying to think of what to say or how to say it, missing the conversation entirely.

It helps you to live in the moment rather than in your head.

Keeps You Open Minded

The first thing you learn in acting is how to embrace something another person offers and then add something to it. It helps you learn to build cooperatively from a starting point.

Though, that’s not to say you have to agree to everything. But acting can teach you how to add something positive rather than blocking with a negative.

No More Stage Fright

There are times in our lives when we have to speak in front of people. Whether it’s at a wedding to a group of friends, at work in front of colleagues, or just making an announcement at a table full of family members.

No matter what the reason, being able to confidently talk in front of people is a valuable skill to have. Acting can help you learn how to not worry about what people watching you think, allowing you to be a truer version of yourself.

Lessen the Blow of Rejection

When you act, you have to be okay with being rejected. You might go on an audition for a part and find 100 other people there hoping to fill it. You have to be able to accept rejection and move on without letting it bring you down.

Just because someone turns you down, doesn’t mean they won’t want to work with you ever again. But if you make a huge fuss and get upset, you won’t get the opportunities in the future.

Meeting People

It might sound a little corny to say, but it’s so true in theatre. You will meet new people. There will be so many people who you can connect with on a day to day basis that are just like you.

All sorts of good things happen to us when we meet new people.

Well Rounded

Acting can force you to improve your work-life balance. It adds accountability to your social events.

If you don’t show up for a party, people usually don’t mind. But if you miss rehearsal? That’s a big deal with much harsher consequences.

Acting can help get you off the couch and get you moving.

The Power of Art

These are just some of the ways that art can improve your life. There is so much you can learn through acting that you can bring beyond the theatre and into your everyday life.

The power of art is immeasurable and underrated. If you are in the Cold Lake area and looking to volunteer with us on stage, behind the scenes, or as a donor, visit The Grande Parlour today. We need your support to establish a foundation for arts and culture in Cold Lake.

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