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Important Announcement/Upcoming Changes at The Grande Parlour

Feb. 28, 2020

The Grande Parlour Closure announcement last October started a chain reaction of new possibilities and over the next few months it allowed the board members of the Cold Lake Entertainment Society to reinvent what the theatre space could look and operate as. With help, input and financial concessions from other organizations and individuals it put into motion new ideas and potential structure changes that were necessary for the society to move forward.

By late December having crossed off many of the challenges we were facing and having a potential plan for the new ones ahead we were able to announce in January that the theatre would stay open for another year. With all the new changes comes a rebranding to better represent the new model. 

Effective March 1st, 2020 the Cold Lake Arts & Entertainment Society will be the presenter and face moving forward for all Arts programming and performances. Our website and social media sites will be the “ColdLakeArts” whom own and operate “The Grande Parlour Venue”. Thus moving forward our website address will be as well as our Facebook page and Instagram page. All searches for the Grande Parlour will redirect you to the new pages.

We would like to thank this community for its continued support and look forward to an exciting new year ahead.

Sincerely, CLAES Board Members 

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