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Seven Ways Acting Classes in Cold Lake Alberta Can Change Your Life

Oct. 07, 2017

Not everyone can be (or should be) an actor, but acting classes—even better, acting classes in Cold Lake Alberta—often have surprising benefits.

1) Poise

How often do you think about how you’re standing and sitting, and what your posture says about you? Probably not often, if ever. Actors have to be thinking about their poise constantly, to make sure that every motion is exactly right for their character. Learning this habit will help you to master non-verbal communication and make you a better communicator.

2) Projecting Your Voice

Filling up a room with your voice without simply yelling is an art that actors have to master, and by learning it you too can communicate effectively in large or loud spaces without sacrificing clarity.

3) Teamwork

Whether you have top billing or are the understudy for a minor character in a matinee, in a theatrical production everyone is part of a team. Learning to put your ego aside and play your part is vital in just about every part of life.

4) Making Friends

Following on from this, acting classes are great ways to meet friends. Not only are you continually interacting and working towards a common goal, but you are doing so in place where you can let your defenses down and be vulnerable around others.

5) Empathy

It’s easy to get inside the heads of people who are like us, but real life will require us all to think about life from many more viewpoints than our own. Playing somebody very different from yourself, thinking of everything from their motivations to how they move, cultivates this vital habit.

6) Stress Relief

Whether you’re getting a cathartic release from playing out an emotional scene or just relieving stress by being silly, acting classes are a great way to relieve stress.

7)   Public Speaking

Acting is just public speaking- one of those rare events that is hugely important and utterly terrifying. If you’re giving presentations or giving a speech at a wedding then acting will help.

If you’re interested in taking acting classes in Cold Lake check our regularly updated Workshops page!

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