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What Is Snojuhla?

Feb. 02, 2018

Who said that outdoor concerts, fun, and barbecues are reserved for the heat of the summer?

Switch the time of year to the dead of winter and the setting to a picturesque snowy scene: You get Snojuhla. This majestic winter wonderland has Cold Lake locals and visitors alike reimagining the meaning of outdoor fun.

Snojuhla At Kinosoo Ridge

Are you ready for an entire weekend of snow-filled celebrations?

If so, Snow Fever at Kinosoo Ridge is the place for you to be. Kinosoo Ridge, one of the most popular skiing resorts in Alberta, draws revelers from as far as Edmonton for the weekend.

For 34 years, Snojuhla dominated Cold Lake’s event calendar, thanks to its superior performers and its captivating ice structures. This year’s 35th-anniversary celebration promises to raise the bar even higher.

Each year, Snojuhla kicks things off with outstanding performances from both Indie and mainstream Canadian artists. Following the show (and it’s subsequent afterparty), the audience is free to enjoy an abundance of food, games, and entertainment.

Every event and artistic effort pays homage to the beauty of snow. From the ice bar to the ice slides and the Bumper To Bumper snow stage, Kinosoo Ridge outdoes itself to the awe of each guest.

A Family Affair

Afraid you’ll have to miss out on all of the fun due to family obligations? Don’t worry. Just pack up the entire family and bring them along. Food and attractions will be available for all ages.

Snojuhla itself is a family-friendly event. Beyond that, you’ll find food and entertainment specific to adults or children. Take your kids for a ride on the ice slides, and then head over to the casual barbecue. Make some time for an adult beverage at the ice bar. while you enjoy some local brews, the kids can settle into a tube and fly off a huge snowy hill.

You can make your weekend as inclusive as you like without sacrificing age-appropriate fun.

The Snojuhla Afterparty

Are you excited to see some of Canada’s most talented artists of today perform on a snow stage? Snojuhla is one of Alberta’s most anticipated live entertainment events of the winter. This event is even more enticing, given its unique afterparty. The Snojuhla afterparty is its own show, where some of Canada’s talented indie artists come together for an unforgettable jam session.

This year, three bands representing three different genres will meet on the Grande Parlour stage. Come and experience their once-in-a-lifetime fusion of rockabilly punk, Stoke folk, and Rock n Roll.

Shred Kelly, a five-piece band hailing from British Columbia blends rhythmic rock, electric guitars, and the folksy sounds of a banjo to bring some Stoke Folk into the mix.

Band of Rascals, another group out of British Columbia, infuses blues into old-time Rock n Roll to promote a totally new sound. Raygun Cowboys, natives of Alberta, serve up some high-energy rockabilly punk that can’t afford to be missed.

Get Your Tickets Today

Do you want in on this memorable event?

Visit our box office for your tickets to the Snojuhla afterparty today. Charge your cameras, clear your schedule, and prepare for an incredibly rare show.

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